Choice Critical Care

Long-Term Care

Choice Critical Care has been serving the community since 1992 and currently provides service to long-term care facilities. As part of a health care network, we provide the complete long-term care package and have an in-house billing department here to work with you to ensure a positive experience.

Choice Critical Care is staffed with highly trained and experienced pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and nurses that are readily available to coordinate infusion therapies. Our home infusion services are a cost-effective alternative to a lengthy hospitalization.

Our staff is equipped to assist with record management by providing:

Dispensing Systems

Dispensing Systems are used to help you improve your facility’s medication needs and ensure safety. Handling medical changes is now as easy as handing in your old card in exchange for a new one.

Punch Cards (30 day supply)

This traditional system offers the convenience of unit dose or multi-pack for patient medications. Dosing instructions are included on a label attached to the top of each card.

Doc·U·Dose (day supply)

Medications are packaged in a series of sealed envelopes, providing convenient and safe medication dispensing. Each envelope is color-coded by the administration time while the front of each envelope explains each dosage. To make dispensing easier the reverse side of each card is clear, promoting accurate identification and counting of a resident’s medications.

Medisets (7 day supply)

Medications are packaged in plastic trays organized by day and time of administration. Dosing instructions are included on a label visible through the bottom.

Matchbook (14 day supply)

Is a convenient and compact dispensing system that is offered as a 14 day punch card system. Dosing instructions are included on a label display on the top of each booklet.